Connecting serial console to ED Mini v2

Project logo ED Mini v2 has console on its serial output. The only problem is that it uses 3.3V logic, which couldn't be connected directly to PC. The cheapest solution is to visit some local shop where mobile phone accessories are sold and ask for serial cables for old phones. Than lookup pinout of that phone on the web and if it uses 3.3V logic buy it. I got my this way for 1.5$.

If you already have the cable, connect it according the image on the right. Your ED Mini replaces the mobile phone.

I use minicom to connect to the ED Mini, serial connection parameters are:
  • Speed: 115200
  • Data: 8 bits
  • Parity: None
  • Stopbits: 1

This can be written shortly as 115200 8N1

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