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Debian on LaCie EDMini v2

Debian on ED Mini project logoI've bought Linux powered NAS Lacie ED Mini v2. Because the original firmware has only little features (no bittorrent client etc.) I've hacked it and replaced the original linux based firmware with debian lenny. Here is everything needed to do the same and various usefull tips and related programs.

There are two little programs written for this project which can be useful standallone:

Button Daemon

Handles events from button event device, /dev/input/event0 for example.

HD Clock

Drop-in replacement for hwclock, which can store system clock into file and restore it back. It's usefull for systems without hardware clock.

XML Patch

XMLPatch Simple utility to change XML files. It's command line interface is similar to the well known patch utility.

Spectral Editor

SpecEd SpecEd allows you to work with visible light spectrum. It can compute CIE coordinate for any combination of spectral colors and convert it to sRGB. The program is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL version 2.

Other Projects

Other Projects logo Some other things from school or parts of bigger projects. Maybe someone will use it for studying purposes.